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  1. Design

While both the phones have different body shape in 11 pro we get the typical curved stainless steel frame but in 12 pro we get the the edgy stainless steel frame.

2. Processor

The iphone 11 pro gets A13 bionic chipset where as in 12 pro we get A14 bionic chip which is more powerful and it’s based on 5nm compared to 7nm of A13 bionic, which resulted in faster app opening, task done more smoothly in A14 bionic.

3. OS

Both the phones comes with latest ios, Apple is known for giving latest ios updates to all it’s phones. So no problem in that.

4. Camera

The iphone 12 pro and iphone 11 pro have identical the same camera 12-12-12 MP but in iphone 12 pro we get one more feature that is lidar scanner that helps in accurate size check or even it helps in to check you height as well, the camera quality in both the smartphone is pretty great. Front camera of both the smartphone is 12MP and which manages to get great photos for us.

5. Battery

surprisingly the iphone 11 pro’s battery is higher that is 3046 mah compare to 2815 mah of iphone 12 pro, even with iphone 11 pro we get 18w power adapterand in 12 pro we dn’t even get the charger in the box. Just an Apple trick to sale it’s charger.

6. RAM

Iphone 12 pro get’s bigger Ram by 2gb That is 6gb in total compared to 4gb in 11 pro and even the memory is also high now the base variant of 12 pro comes with 128GB memory compared to 64GB of 11 pro.

7. Display

Both phones comes with super retina xdr display but in 12 pro we get scratch resistant ceramic glass which is the most durable glass for any iphone that’s what Apple says.

8. 4G vs 5G

iphone 11 pro is based on 4g techology but iphone 12 pro is future proof comes with 5G tech. where as in india it will take almost 2 years for 5g to fully operative, so even if you choose 11 pro you won’t regret for almost 2-3 years. But i suggest you to go for the iphone 12 pro.

Final Assesment

So in my opinion you guys should go for the iphone 12 pro because of better hardware, Extra Ram, extra camera feature, better display protection.

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