Iphone 12 Performance and Review

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Iphone 12 source- Apple

Iphone 12 undoubtedly the most advance iphone that apple has manufactured so far even though its successor appear few months ago but still people are buying because of its performance the A14 bionic is undoubtedly the most powerful processor, even though the A15 is now the fastest but it still very much powerful than most of the android smarphone processor.

Now let’s talk about its highlight what is apple offering in iphone 12

source- Apple

Well the very first are those cameras with amazing nightshots you can capture stunning images in no time you can create slow motion with great camera viewings.

The Second of all is A14 bionic No matter what you through at it it will handle everything without any lag, you can play games you can create ppt in your iphone no matter what you do it will handle sweetly.

Well the third is my personal favourite that is IOS, We all know that in market there are tone of other smartphone which comes with great processor but sucks at user interface but not with iphone, aplle has done such an amazing job by giving perfect hardware and software combo that you guys will love it, you will not regret it after buying an iphone.

Just like any other smartphone apple also sometimes give bugs, for instance some of their updates do come up with bugs but surprisingly apple remove those bugs by listening to its customer not like android manufactures who will not even give updates even if 6months passes.

well in the end i would say its up to person to person choice which phone they like but honestly tell you, you will not regret it after buying the iphone. The security is top notch infact the apple ecosystem is so damn amazing that you’ll feel that you dont have to do extra hardwork.

Apple ecosystem help the user to connect with the you loved ones in no time. will explain every thing in next blog untill then keep loving keep supporting.