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source – Apple website

Recently in India many people purchase IPHONE 12 because of the big billion day sale, and i am also very lucky to get my hands on this device iphone12 comes with a14bionic chip inside which is very powerful and comes with retina HD display the main highlight is

1 A14 bionic chip

2 oled display

3 camera’s upgrade than IPHONE 11 with night mode

4 truetone

5 5G

source – Apple website

Iphone13 is the latest flagship device by apple and its a15bionic chip is superior than any other device although its still based on 5nm but apple is best known for handling the chip with its iconic software that is the IOS that is way superior than any other OS no other OS can match its performance

Now why do people will choose iphone13 over iphone12

1 The new cameras with cinematic mode

2 New A15 bionic chip

3 2 hours more battery backup than its predecessor

4 more brighter display

these are the main keyhighlight of changes of major changes but rest is same.

Although i would say that iphone 12 is pretty great choice considering everything the a14 bionic is powerful processor comes with great cameras too but without cinematic cameras on the otherhand iphone 13 is latest smartphone with latest apple chip plus new bigger camera modules.

so in my view i would say that for me both are the winner it depends upon person to person on which smartphone he likes.

so this is it i would continue to tell you regarding any new update until then keep watchin us for more updates……