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When Realme launched this device it instantly catches the customer attention because of it’s specifications.

1). Realme X50 pro comes with a Snapdragon 865 which is a flagship processor and it’s display is Super Amoled panel 90hz works pretty fine.

2). The UI is another highlight of this device if you check out that realme ui is pretty much the same like colour us but the amount of features on offer is something where miui should learn from them.

3). Realme gives updates on time and miui is very slow in terms of this. The realme ui 2.0 comes loaded with tons of features where as miui doesn’t even give any information about what they’ve changed.

4). Game mod in this particular device works pretty fine, I’m using this device for almost 4 days now and i am playing game and I didn’t get any major heating issue.

5). This App comes loaded with lots of other applications which we don’t wanna use for instance finacle pay, game world and these apps we can’t delete from the phone and some where i found the recommendation just like miui.

Now let’s talk about MI10T

Mi10t comes with all the latest bells and whistles but where it lacks let’s find out.

1). Mi10t comes with Snapdragon 865 processor just like realme x50 pro but the display is ips panel this is not the ordinary panel but the super amoled will always win from ips in any terms.

2). MIUI is in worst time of it’s life just because of lacking in terms of optimization, it’s not as refined as realme ui 2.0 or like funtouch os.

3). Miui doesn’t give updates on time infact it’s almost 4 months now since in china they’ve given update of miui12.5 but not in the global market. The ui comes loaded with bugs which xiaomi isn’t in hurry to clear it out.

4). The game mode if this device needs an update i have write it down by myself so many times to xiaomi to please give this phone game mode 3.0 but xiaomi doesn’t listen to it’s customers, and that results in major heating issue in the device.

5). On this particular device we don’t get much ads but the ads are definitely there, i mean if we’re paying you 35000 Rs we don’t want any kind of ads and it’s just not only for xiaomi it’s for all the brand’s why they’re showing us ads do they gave us any kind of money for it then why they’re showing us ads.

We’ve talk enough about the device now let’s come to the conclusion which device is best for you, well i would say that we should go with the Realme x50 pro without any doubt.

Hope you guys liked my review if you do then please share and do comment Until then keep clouding☁️☁️

Here’s the link for both the device